Life Skills Training

Under 1 Roof emphasizes skill development and enhancement. Three skills sets that are key to developing and maintaining a “balanced life” receive specialized attention – life skills, safety skills and parenting skills.

Consistent with its values, Under 1 Roof and its partner agencies will provide lifestyle, values, and skills training to individuals who are looking for an “upgrade” in life.

Thanks to our partnership with committed agencies, hours of life skill instruction are now incorporated into the Skills Development Training program. These sessions are designed to promote appropriate attitudes and effective behavior in any job situation or market, as well as throughout a person’s personal life. Soft Skills training include: interviewing skills, self-motivation, effective communication, leadership, financial literacy, stress management, conflict resolution, parenting workshops, and Safety Skills.

Parents are a key to a child’s success. Parenting skills training is not just for parents who have been accused of being “bad parents” and it is not just for parents of children with serious psychological problems. Parenting skills training is worthwhile for every parent, because it can help you do the best job possible in raising your children, because it can improve your confidence in your parenting ability, and because this is the most important job you will ever have.