“My family and I was at the shelter after fleeing a domestic violence situation unsure what was going to be our next step so after hearing about Under 1 Roof I attended the orientation and was housed. My family was finally safe from my abuser. I am grateful that Under 1 Roof exist. It has been such a blessing in my life, but also in the lives of my children. I was asked the question “If it were not for Under 1 Roof I would have returned to my abuser” I was out of options lack of family support. Under 1 Roof provided me with a home for me and my three children when we moved into our apartment our basic needs was taken care of furniture (beds, dresser, couch, dining room table) we received a starter kit with sheets, towels, dishes, cookware and so much more. I was only looking for housing and received so much more. Case Management was mandatory for this program and I needed that to start rebuilding my life for me and my children. We have gained so much by obtaining housing with under 1 Roof. My children attend daycare at Vogel Alcove this enable me to work and save money they attend summer camps through Rainbow Days, Captain Hope’s Kids and DISD. Under 1 Roof has empowered me to take my family to another level. I thanks God every day for this blessing. I am in school now my children are stable making new friends.

If it wasn’t for Under 1 Roof, me and my five children would still be homeless living in a shelter and not having our own place to call our home. We are so thankful and blessed to be a part of the Under 1 Roof family. Now there is not a day go by I don’t thank God for this blessing, because it was many nights I cried myself to sleep wondering when or how we was going to get out of that situation. So me and my children really want to thank Under 1 Roof and everyone that made this possible for us to have our wonderful new place.

I am so happy that Under 1 Roof exist.  It has been such a blessing in my life, but also in the lives of my children. So I asked my children where do they think we would be if it were not for Under 1 Roof? What they said to me made me appreciate this program even more. They said if it were not for Under 1Roof they would still be homeless, living with family members or friends, sleeping in abandon houses, sleeping on the street, sleeping in our car or living in a foster home.
I didn’t know that they thought or even worried about having to go through those kind of things ,so it made me feel extremely blessed to have been chosen to my children and I a positive outlook on the future we are blessed.

I also asked my children how do they feel now we are in the new home and they said they were very happy. My 11 year old son who has been struggling in school since we’ve been homeless said now he can focus on getting better grades. They now have a chance of settling down and making new friends. A place where we can rest and rebuild our new lives it makes going through this time allot easier knowing that we have the support of Under 1 Roof.

It is an important and relative program for not just my family but for many other families. There is no amount of words that could truly describe how grateful I am for not only Under 1 Roof, but for Ms. Verna we really appreciate you and all you have done!! Thank you for having the vision to start Under 1 Roof.

If it wasn’t for Under 1 Roof my sanity and peace would not have been restored. I am fortunate to have been considered for the living arrangements prepared for me by Under 1 Roof. Becoming a part of this agency and its services means more than your agency could imagine. It gives me the second chance I need to begin stabilizing both family and myself.  The extension of this program into our lives means security, happiness, and comfort. I am honored to become a part of this program and wish to thrive more in life because of this opportunity.   Forever grateful

I would like to thank you for my apartment my three children are so excited to have a place to call home. Under 1 roof have been a true blessing to my family we lived in the shelter for 4 months and did not have absolutely no where to go. We had no family support- we had nothing at all just the clothes in our bags. Now we have furniture, household items-Thanks to Under 1 Roof. Homeless on the streets of Dallas is hard you began to give up on life- if it was not for under 1 roof we would still be at the shelter sleeping on the floor. This agency is a blessing sent by God.

My children and I thank you so much I Love Under 1 Roof staff caring and compassionate goes along way.”