We offer a variety of ways for volunteers to help Under 1 Roof. For the safety, well-being and privacy of our program participants, we require individual volunteers that are directly involved with our agency to be 18 years of age or older, and to commit to a minimum of three visits per year. To learn more information, please fill out our contact us form and our Executive Director will contact you.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities:

Administrative Assistant

Assist the development department of the agency by providing vital office support, such as database entry, answering phones, soliciting business, etc. When: Monday-Friday from 9-5 p.m.

Special Events

We have many events at Under 1 Roof that can use your help! Start from the beginning and plan one of our events, join a committee, help secure underwriters, or volunteer the day of the event. Please email our Executive Director, Verna Jones, vjones@under1roofdallas.org for more information on our upcoming events.

Host a Drive

Hosting a drive at your school, workplace or place of worship is a great way to benefit Under 1 Roof!  For tips on how to organize a drive as well as the most up to date list of our needs, please email our Executive Director.

Sponsor an Activity for Our Children!

Sponsor a “Kids Day Out” to the movies or skating, or provide tickets to a sporting event, Six Flags or a cultural outing.

Be a part of our “Mom’s Hour Out”  watch children for two hours while parent attend schedule approved meetings two hour maximum.
(Background Check).  For more information, please email Delorean Wilkinson McGee,  Lead Case Manager dmcgee@under1roofdallas.org  

Sponsor an Event for Under 1 Roof!

Host your own event to benefit Under 1 Roof and ask participants to make a cash donation or donate an item from our wish list for admission. For more information, please email Under 1 Roof’s development team at info@under1roofdallas.org .

For more information, email our Executive Director or fill out our online volunteer inquiry form below.

Volunteer Inquiry Form

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Place of Employment (if applicable):
Interested Volunteer Positions

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