About The Board Of Under 1 Roof Dallas

Yvonne Butler (Board President) obtained her Master of Social Work degree in 1977 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Her professional career since then includes many years of work in the non-profit arena, serving in most agency positions and on community committees and boards. She has worked in: • Mainstream Services • Child Welfare • Residential Treatment and • Outpatient Clinical Services. She was in private practice focusing primarily on the therapeutic issues facing today’s women. From 2000 – 2008 Yvonne served as the Executive Director of the Housing Crisis Center in Dallas. The agency serves low-income special populations who are homeless or near homeless. Yvonne was an adjunct faculty member in the UTA School of Social for ten years beginning in 1999, teaching in the undergraduate and graduate programs. She became full time in the school in November 2008 as the Associate Director of Field Instruction, and continued to teach.  In 2010, Yvonne accepted appointment as full time faculty.  Her course resume includes: Human Behavior in Diverse Populations, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Community (Macro) Practice, Social Work Practice, Social Work Supervision, and Field Education Seminars. For most of her professional and personal life, Yvonne has been concerned about and involved in issues facing low income, single females and their children. As a clinician, she provided individual and group interventions for women seeking healing and direction. As a volunteer, Yvonne has supported the Models of Excellence, a group that addressed the growth of minority girls– serving as a consultant, group facilitator and board member. Most recently she has served on the Board of Safe Haven of Tarrant County, an effective provider of services to women experiencing domestic violence; and of course has been a Board member of Under 1 Roof since its inception.  Yvonne has been active in similar ministries in her church where she has chaired the Sankofa African Heritage Ministry and has been a member of the Social Justice and Action Committee. Yvonne has been an active volunteer at the Women’s Museum in Dallas.  The issues of diversity, poverty and social justice are important and foremost on Yvonne’s agenda.

Keiron ‘kj’ Jackson (Immediate Past Board President) is an Entrepreneur with a specialty in the areas of Housing in many aspects. He currently owns and operates Keiron Jackson, Inc. dba Mr. Mortgage , a company that provides affordable financing for Texas and Oklahoma areas. He takes special interest local in working with Dallas Housing Authority, Dallas County, Tarrant County and many other local institutions in providing housing from low to median income levels. As board president of Under 1 Roof, my personal vision is consistent with the agency vision of a community where everyone has safe affordable housing, and the tools to become self-reliant. To bring that vision into reality, as board chair,  I will provide leadership and guidance  to ensure the success of Under 1 Roof's board and agency staff.

Tami Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Board Vice President), receiving a master degree in Social Work from TAMU-Commerce.   She is currently the Clinical Director at MedPro Treatment Centers in McKinney Texas, specializing in treatment of Substance Abuse.  She has extensive experience working with children and families,  child welfare, substance abuse, mental health, trauma and dissociation. As President of Under 1 Roof my personal vision is consistent with the agency vision of a community where everyone has safe affordable housing and the tools to become self-reliant. To bring that vision into reality, as board chair  I will provide leadership and guidance  to ensure the success of Under 1 Roof's board and agency staff.

Sherry Mitchell (Board Secretary) is an employee of Computer Sciences Corporation and has worked in this capacity for over 20 years. Her current job title is Helpdesk Technical Senior Assistant. Sherry serves as the church Secretary for Pentecost Church of God in Christ, and is currently enrolled at Dallas County Community College. Sherry has also served in the United States Navy, with a Top Secret Clearance. As Secretary of Under 1 Roof, my personal vision is to be an effective and supportive assistance in this organization.

Beatrice Nealy, LMSW (Treasurer)is a licensed social worker, employed by the JPS Health Network for the past 11 years. She currently serves at the Stop Six Clinic and spent eight years at the JPS Center for Cancer Care where she initiated and supervised the UTA Social Work Intern program. She has been an adjunct professor at the UTA School of Social Work for the past five years. Prior to her tenure at JPS, she was the founder and executive director of the Do It for Me, Mom Cervical and Breast Health Awareness Program (1997-2001), Community Service coordinator for both TCU (1998-2001) and Southern Methodist University (1990-94). She received her MSSW from UTA School of Social Work in 1998 (CAP), and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University in 1978. Ms. Nealy is very active in her church and community and has served on several local boards and committees. In addition to her professional and volunteer activities, she is the primary caregiver for her 89 year old mother. She is a native of Sumter, SC and the mother of two adult children.

Lavida Barentine- US Residential Group

Nakia Douglas - The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy

Karen Bourdeaux - Community Activist

Mark Clemmons- Pentecost COGIC- Pastor

Donnetta Craft

Vanessa Ousley - Heard & Smith Law Firm

Eula Richardson- FISD

Reginald Robertson- Veterans Administration

Toinette Runnels- Social Security Administration

James Zander, Insurance Broker/Consultant



October 28, 2017


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