About Under 1 Roof

Under 1 Roof founders, Verna L. Jones and Vanessa L. Ousley found each other while working at another nonprofit organization.  Each had a passion for helping those in need obtain access to housing.  Ms. Jones, a social worker, was working tirelessly to secure housing for homeless individuals and families due to various reasons (i.e., fleeing domestic violence, loss of income) for twelve years, while Mrs. Ousley, an attorney, was fighting zealously for the rights of participants facing legal housing concerns.  When their paths crossed, a natural partnership was formed that took advocacy for housing to a new level. 

In 2011, Ms. Jones and Mrs. Ousley decided to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals/families with housing problems.  Ms. Jones, armed with a Masters of Social Work, serves as the Executive Director for Under 1 Roof.  She oversees all strategic planning, grant applications and agency staff to maintain smooth functioning of all operational process.  Mrs. Ousley, a ten year veteran of the legal field, serves as the Director of Legal Services and develops and institutes all legal programs and coordinates the representation of program participants. 

Our Mission, Our Promise:

In order to assist persons to become self-reliant, Under 1 Roof will provide transitional, permanent supportive housing and other services to homeless and low-income individuals as well as families of our community. Our vision is a community where everyone has safe affordable housing and the tools to become self-reliant. To bring that vision into reality, we will provide permanent supportive housing to the homeless population in Dallas & Collin Counties.

Recent accomplishments:

Provided housing for 160 households in our permanent supportive housing program 

Created Social Services Department to provide mortgage, rent and utility assistance with FEMA funds

Created partnerships to enhance program services.

Obtain funds from various foundations to support agency programs
Obtained 50 additional housing units through partnership with DHA & Integrity Asset Management

Established partnership with local universities to provide social work internship opportunities.

Established 100% contributing Board or Directors
Successful 1st Fundraising Event



October 28, 2017


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